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Read below to learn more about Auxano Compliance and what we have to offer.

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As the country faces a housing crisis, Auxano understands that every affordable or workforce housing unit created must be protected.  Auxano provides compliance services for Texas Local Government Code Section 303 (pre-HB 2071), Section 392, and Section 394.  


 Auxano offers various services to protect and preserve affordable and workforce housing.  Compliance services can be customized to be as limited or extensive as requested.  Auxano will customize a compliance and reporting program to meet the needs of the developments Regulatory Agreement.  Auxano can also provide additional services to assist Housing Providers in managing information on its developments and portfolios.   


Auxano and its IT partner Newtec Business Solutions provide customized services utilizing Microsoft 365, including but not limited to Excel, Word, Power Apps, and SharePoint, to make the compliance and reporting services digital and seamless, understanding the sensitivity of the personal data transferred and managed.  Newtec Business Solutions brings a wealth of technological knowledge to compliance.  Auxano and Newtec have developed a secure individualized database for each property’s Regulatory Agreement.  This database allows the property to import compliance data while avoiding the possibility of a data breach or email malware theft.  This database allows for information to be easily managed and recalled when needed.  Additionally, the database will enable data to be parsed and reported in various forms. 


Compliance is the backbone of maintaining affordable workforce units financed through Texas Local Government Code Sections 303, 392, and 394.  Compliance will continue to get the attention of State and Local elected officials.  Auxano is here to ensure your property and portfolio Regulatory Agreement compliance.  We understand the need to protect each and every affordable workforce unit produced.  

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