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Auxano Development, LLC.


Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Auxano Development is a multifaceted development firm.  Through time forged strategic relationships Auxano has created the capacity and relationships to develop in any major footprint within the United States.  Auxano’s global approach to development centers on binding community’s together.  Ensuring that it’s not just a real estate development, Auxano properly partners with local stakeholders and other providers ensuring that the right balance of services and amenities are within proximity of our developments in efforts to create sustainable affordable and workforce communities. 

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Strategic Relationships

Auxano has the strategic relationships to undertake developments across the U.S.

Global Approach

Our global approach gives us a unique perspective in developing strong communities.

Sustainable Communities

Auxano partners with highly skilled team partners to deliver the right balance of services and amenities.

While having experience with multi-family, medical office, commercial office, and faith-based development, Auxano “to Increase or Grow” driven to help ones who are working hard to help themselves.  Auxano Development is dedicated to close the gap in this country’s systemic housing crisis.  The Harvard Joint Commission on Housing Studies notes that 45% of America is struggling with being “Overburdened” with housing cost.  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines “Housing Overburdened” as any individual or household that is paying more than 30% of their individual or household income on housing cost.  Thus an individual or household are making critical decisions on basic life needs.  Do they pay for the cost of housing or do they pay for medical prescriptions, doctors visits, childcare, nutrition, or transportation.  These are basic needs that are being put in the balance for quality of life and dignity of life.

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